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Obscure Online Shop Reviews

Sometimes you're on a website and you're not sure if it's legit or not. I've been there, and I've hucked the money into an infinite void just to see what would happen. These are the reviews from the times when I did it. Maybe ( just maybe ) you'll have good experiences, too. ( If you're lucky )

~ serbianshop.com: VERDICT - LEGIT / RATING - 10

So, my dad is from former Yugoslavia, and I'm trying to learn the language. Suffice to say there are not very many resources. I've been doing OK so far, but thought it'd be a good idea to get some childrens' books. Along comes serbianshop.com, which made me nervous from the second I landed on it. I got to the payment method and my options were PayPal or 'some obsucre Italian Bank'. $80 in! What comes out? A month later, I'm sitting at my desk... programming. Ding dong! ??? I wasn't expecting any visitors. There it is! A mail carrier with a package that says 'BEOGRAD' in the top left corner. I'm very happy with my order, and I can't wait to buy even more books, flutes, toys... hats... vests? Shoes? What don't they have?