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Yugoslavian Terms Glossary

There are several important cultural events, periods and other happenings in the lives of the southern slavs. These are a few of them!
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The celebration of a new child before they were born, akin to a baby shower. Instead of presents, food would be brought to the party, and it was treated as a social occasion.


Similar to prelo, but instead of spinning wool, chicken feathers are prepared for the making of pillows.


When the people of the village gathered together to cut hay.


When the people of the village gathered together to harvest and husk corn.


The Balkan equivalent of Halloween. For countryside children, eggs would be collected from neighbors instead of candy!


Prelos are meetings of villagers during which wool is spun. While the work is on-going, plenty of traditional cultural songs are sung, and plenty of traditional cultural drinks are had!

Prvi Maj or Dan Slobode

The first of May is a celebration of the end of World War II for the people of the Balkans.


The first sowing of the year, which involved plowing, harrowing, and sowing seeds.


A market where villagers could buy and sell goods, hosted weekly. Livestock and handmade goods were commonplace, as well as "fair food", like sausages, "slatko piće" ( sugar water ), and other treats.


Especially for Serbs, Slavas are feast days based on the day on which their family is said to have converted to Orthodoxy. The day of the Slava corresponds to a specific saint.


A public gathering of villagers for the celebration of a Saint or Saints. This is distinct from a Slava, because Slavas are personal to a family. Zbor also refers to any public meeting or gathering, formal or informal.